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Zeena - Our Harris Hawk

We Are

HawkEye Drone Services Ltd are drone service dedicated, operating throughout the UK with a Permission for Commercial operations from the UK CAA covering night flying. We have inspection, survey and 3D modelling capabilities.

Our Advantages

Our success is reinforced by the desire to add sustainable value through Drone innovations to improve enterprise workflow and business processes.

Our Vision

In an industry that continues its rapid advances, our vision is to establish collaborative partners with the scope of improving efficentcies and value. We want to be recognized as the reliable source for corparate  drone solutions.

Drone Pilots Where Safety is #1

HAWKEYE is a drone services provider for Residential & Commercial sales marketinging, Construction Management, Architectural & Engineering Design, Land Surveying & Mapping, Wedding/Event Coverage, and Precision Agriculture.

We are CAA certified and all of our pilots are comprehensively insuranced.

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Our Core Values


Our primary value is, well, value. Eliminate the costs and risk of investing in equipment, maintenance, depreciation, replacement, obsolescence, software, insurance, training, and certification.


Our pilots take pride in their work and strive to deliver an unbeatable service for our customers. All  undertakings are comprehensively discussed in detail.


We help you skip the intimidating, time-consuming, and costly process of drone implementation; instead, we simply give you what you want: amazing aerial footage and valuable information

Making it Easy

We believe we can help businesses of all sizes take advantage of drone services by eliminating the complexity and challenges of doing it themselves.

5-Star Customer Service Nationwide

Simple to complex jobs done right. A Drone Service company that is responsive and offers a high level of Customer Service. We are a single point of contact no matter where your project is located, ensuring  you get the most benefit from our services.

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Our Cod of Conduct

Covid-19 Statement

HawkEye has responded to the advice from the Government and we are fully embracing social distancing to minimise risks to our employees and or clients, respectively. After putting stringent safety measures in place we’re pleased to announce that our office and flights are in operation. All persons present during flights to be confirmed prior to flights. For more information on the coronavirus please seek information on gov.uk/coronavirus or nhs.uk/coronavirus