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How much does drone commissions actually cost?

Each job is unique. Our operating costs (and thus your prices) vary with such factors as:

Airspace clearance requirements

Weather (Drone waterproofing / specialized equipment for sub-zero operation)

Visual observer requirements

Camera operator requirements

Type of equipment required (Drones / Cameras)

Edited or unedited work

Data processing expenses and time (for mapping jobs)

Risk to equipment (e.g. filming over open water)

Travel Costs

Liability risk

When requesting a quote, please describe in as much detail as possible what you’re looking to achieve, what you expect from us, and the location of the job, so we can provide the most accurate quote possible. For general guidelines our price structure is as follows:

120 an hour for a drone operator + drone

£50 an hour for a visual observer when required

(Please note that complex projects may raise these base prices)

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Payment Methods: We accept All major credit cards, Cash and Bank Transfers.